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U.S. shipping too on buyer”s responsibility. Monstera is very popular specimen among aroid enthusiasts. Especially when it is highly variegated! This rare and beautiful monstera plant is already super rooted. It is full old plant so you do not need to worry about making it alive to you. Such plant should make it on global scale with no difficulty! It only needs good bright position towards the window with undirect sunlight. Sun could burn the variegation. Lack of light could also damage the variegation. This one has extremely cool stable amount of variegation with foliage colored into white and green spectre. The stem is also very nicely variegated with potential of growing even halfmoon leaves. It loves climbing pole that allows you to grow huge leaves with fenestrations. These pictures show the exact plant you will get. The cutting is M sized with extremely nice variegation. We also ship to U.S. states and overseas from EU on buyers own responsibility. Remember that you will get the plant that you see in pictures. ORDER VIA OUR WEBSITE AND GET DISCOUNT WITH ETSY FEE LESS PRICE –
We cannot ship to Canada, Australia and similar bio quarantine countries.

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